BCOE Standing Committee for Diversity

The purpose of the Bagwell College of Education (BCOE) Standing Committee for Diversity is to serve as a change agent in the college to promote a culture of diversity and inclusion through initiatives and policies. It will liaise with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, which defines diversity and inclusion as:

"Diversity and inclusion involves an intentional and active commitment to embrace difference and create a sense of belonging for the purpose of expanding knowledge; educating capable citizens and workers; encouraging self-actualization; and serving local, state, national, and international communities. Creating and achieving diversity and inclusion involves a commitment to educational equity, cross-cultural understanding, and the creation of respectful, open communities. Creating a welcoming and inclusive university requires more than tolerance, acknowledgement of differences, or awareness of others. Diversity and inclusion require intentional dispositions and practices:

  • Studying and understanding the interrelationships between societies, cultures, and natural environments.
  • Holding mutual respect and understanding for one's own lived experiences and others whose lived experiences and perceptions differ from one's own.
  • Recognizing that diversity is not only representation but also involves ways of knowing and being.
  • Understanding that cultural, institutional, and personal discrimination creates and sustains unearned privileges for some individuals and groups and concomitant undeserved disadvantages for other individuals and groups.
  • Concentrating on dismantling policies and practices that perpetuate discrimination while simultaneously developing policies and practices that support equality and belonging.
  • Creating and sustaining communities across and from our differences that enable faculty, staff, students, and other stakeholders to continually work to end all forms of discrimination."

In addition to the definition above, the BCOE Standing Committee for Diversity believes that diversity is much more than race and ethnicity and includes other categories, such as social class, sexuality, disability, and religious beliefs.


  • Facilitate the BCOE's vision and goals for strategic planning for diversity congruent with the university's mission and goals.
  • Support units' goals within the BCOE for diversity in teaching and learning, curriculum development, research, and issues of workplace environment.
  • Support faculty, staff, and students to actively pursue grant and funding opportunities to support and expand diversity initiatives.
  • Create and implement professional development to promote faculty, staff, and student knowledge and commitment to diversity both in teaching and learning and workplace environment.
  • Promote and track diversity initiatives and policies of BCOE faculty, staff, and students to facilitate accountability.

Meeting Times

The BCOE Standing Committee for Diversity should meet as often as deemed appropriate by the committee membership with a minimum of two meetings per fall and spring semesters. The Chair of the Committee shall call each meeting. Any other member of the Committee can request a meeting by contacting the Chair of the BCOE Standing Committee for Diversity. Meetings are open to faculty, in general.

Contact Us

For more information on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the BCOE or if you would like to contact the BCOE Standing Committee for Diversity, email BCOEdiversity@kennesaw.edu.